The remote control is already an indispensable electronic product in each of our homes, and the long-term use experience brought by different remote controls is different.

There are many different types of remote control, for example:

IR remote control: (especially the old remote control used at home)

It is connected by infrared, and the transmitter on the front of the remote control must be aimed at the infrared receiver on the TV before it can be used.

The infrared remote control cannot penetrate obstacles, which means that there should be no obstacles between the TV and your remote control, otherwise it will not be available.

There is also a big bug in the IR remote control, which is that the angle control is very tight. It must be aimed at the infrared receiver on the TV to be able to remotely control the TV. If it is changed to other angles, it will not be recognized.

BT remote control:

Unlike the IR remote control, the penetration ability of the BT remote control is very strong. Even if there are obstacles, the TV can still be remotely controlled.

The anti-interference ability of the BT remote control is also stronger than the IR remote control. The control range of the BT remote control is very stronger, range up to 10 meters.

But one disadvantage of the BT remote is that you need to use your original remote to connect to bluetooth before you can use it.

2.4G remote control:

This remote control can be used only by connecting the USB on the box, which is very convenient.

Everyone should be wondering, what kind of remote control can you buy for $9.9?

Now only need $9.9 you can get our newest remote control: BPR1 remote control

If you want have Gyroscope and Voice function, you can choose BPR1S remote control. Only $12.99 can get it.

The BPR1S Plus not only have IR Learning , BLE, Gyroscope ,Voice, but also have 2.4G functions. If you want all these functions, I suggest you to choose BPR1S Plus remote control.

Whether it’s the BPR1 or the BPR1S or the BPR1S plus, they all have IR Learning and BLE, but the BPR1S has gyroscope and voice capabilities (voice only works with ATV devices). BPR1S plus has IR function, BT function, gyroscope, voice and 2.4G function.

These remotes can be used not only on TV, but also on PC, HTPC, TV BOX, Computer, Pad, Phone, Smart TV and other devices.

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