This topic can always be very controversial, and I often see people discussing it on the Internet.

Someone said:
I would never buy one. If they don’t work with the major streaming services what is the point? They are a waste of money.
We have two cubes and one apple box. They work amazingly well. After buying a load of cheap android boxes and moved on to Novida Sheild, firestick TV 4K and Google Chromecast TV, stick with one of them the cheap boxes due to the upgrades and lenght they will last!!!

Someone said:
I have had a cheap $40 android box for 6 years that will play anything I throw at it. And haven’t had a single problem.
Android boxes are worth it in 2021,will be more than worth it in 2030,thanks
Today we will discuss this issue.
best android tv box

Android TV is more than just Android on a box that you connect to your TV. A lot more. Android TV has been specifically designed for the bigger screen—it has a dedicated interface, better controller and remote support, a specifically curated Play Store, and all the other goodness you’d expect from a streaming set-top box.

In other words: it’s not like plugging your phone up to the TV and hoping for the best. Just like Apple TV has a very iOS-like look and feel, Android TV retains the familiarity of Android in a much more TV-friendly package.

Android boxes have always been a very hot topic because an Android TV box allows you to stream shows or movies onto any TV, including those that don’t have smart capabilities.
But there are also many people who think that the Android box is garbage, because most AOSP boxes are not certified, although the playability is relatively large. It can’t get all the functions of the certified box, which is very unfriendly to some customers.
Another point is that most Android boxes on the market now have many dealers, not as formal as ATV boxes. So you are likely to buy an Android box on the Internet, and then use it for less than half a year to find that it is broken. You are very angry and feel that you paid for a piece of garbage.
These two points are almost the reason why most people think that the Android box is not worth it.
Android is worth it for two reasons:

First of all, the Android box supports streaming media playback, and many customers buy Android boxes to use IPTV. Compared with the high subscription cost of regular boxes, using IPTV can save a lot of streaming media playback costs, so it is sought after.
Another point is that some customers are lucky enough to buy Android boxes from regular manufacturers. The quality is very good, and some customers have used it for 6 years without any problems. Therefore, these customers are very satisfied with the Android boxes.

In my opinion, everyone has different opinions and choices.
In fact, I personally think that if you can buy an Android box from a regular channel, and you are a person who prefers to do your own research, then the Android box is still worth buying in 2022.


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