Android TV boxes offer several advantages that make them popular among users. Here are some key advantages of Android TV boxes:

  1. Extensive App Selection: Android TV boxes provide access to the Google Play Store, which offers a vast selection of apps and games. Users can download and install apps for streaming services, video players, productivity tools, social media platforms, and much more. This allows for a customized and versatile entertainment experience.
  2. Streaming and Media Capabilities: Android TV boxes support various streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and more. They also often have built-in media players that can handle a wide range of audio and video formats, allowing users to play local media files from external storage devices or networked drives.
  3. Smart TV Functionality: Android TV boxes can transform a regular TV into a smart TV, providing internet connectivity and smart features. Users can browse the web, stream online content, access social media platforms, and enjoy multimedia content directly on their TV, similar to the experience on smartphones and tablets.
  4. Customization and Personalization: Android TV boxes offer a high level of customization. Users can personalize the home screen, rearrange app icons, create shortcuts, and customize settings according to their preferences. This flexibility allows for a tailored user experience.
  5. Voice Control and Google Assistant: Many Android TV boxes come with voice control features, allowing users to search for content, control playback, and navigate the interface using voice commands. Google Assistant integration further enhances the convenience and hands-free operation of the Android TV box.
  6. Gaming Capabilities: Android TV boxes can be used for casual gaming. With access to a wide range of gaming apps on the Google Play Store, users can enjoy a variety of games on their TV. Some Android TV boxes also support Bluetooth controllers or offer gamepad compatibility, enhancing the gaming experience.
  7. Affordable and Portable: Android TV boxes are often more affordable than buying a new smart TV. They offer a cost-effective solution to upgrade an existing TV to a smart TV without the need for a full hardware replacement. Additionally, their compact size and portability make them easy to set up and move between different TVs or locations.

Android TV Box provide an affordable and portable solution to transform a regular television into a smart TV, offering a range of entertainment and app options similar to those found on smartphones and tablets.

The recently released R5 TV Box has some more unique features other than the ones mentioned above, so let’s read on!

iATV Stick R5 Selling Points

1. Android 13 :with Android 13 for smoother operation,Higher durability
2. iATV System: iATV system, very free to download and install applications
3. APP TV version:The apps that come with it are all TV versions for a better viewing experience
4. Bluetooth voice infrared isolated remote control: With Bluetooth connected, there are still four buttons (TV power button, volume up button, volume down button, and back button) that allow you to use the infrared function. While controlling the TV stick with Bluetooth, you can also control the TV with infrared. Truly get rid of multiple remote controls
5. Customised Packaging:

  •  Logo on the package – MOQ: 1 piece(FREE LOGO)
  • Logo on TV box/TV stick – MOQ: 1 piece(FREE LOGO)
  • Logo on TV remote control – MOQ: 1 piece(Optional, contact seller to confirm)
  • App comes in the device from the factory – MOQ: 1 pieces (open panel)
  • Boot up own logo/Video – MOQ: 1 pieces

6. Logo light customisation: 1 piece
7. Self-contained screen casting software
8. USB port
9. OTA upgrade
10. 8K decoding
11. WiFi6 2.4G/5G Dual WiFi
12. BT5.0
13. Memory card socket