BPR1 Review:


1. BPR1 and BPIR both use ABS material, which can make you feel comfortable.
The difference is that BPIR has more buttons than BPR1. BPR1 has only 15 buttons in total, while BPIR has 45 buttons in total.

2. BPR1 is connected by bluetooth, and also has IR learning function. BPIR only has infrared connection and no bluetooth function.

3. There is a QR code on the back of the BPR1 remote control. You can directly scan the QR code on the back to see the specific instructions for use. BPIR still uses the old-fashioned manual, and you can see the concise instructions on the back of the remote control.

4. For customers who use a TV, I recommend you to try BPIR Universal IR Learning Remote Control, because it has a lot of buttons and can perfectly match your old TV remote control. BPR1 is more suitable for use on Android boxes, because Android boxes are very smart, so the remote control matched with general Android boxes has only a few buttons. If you have a TV and an android box, I suggest you use BPR1, BPR1 has IR learning, you can use it to learn a few main keys to control the TV and use the TV as a display screen.

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