This article is to let you know how to use IR learning.

BPR1/ BPR1S /BPR1S Plus Remote Control Online link:

1. Press the button that needs to learn for 8 seconds till it’s flashing, then release. (The indicator light on after flashing)

2. Align the IR, press the button that would be learned, it shows success when the indicator light flashing.

3. Repeat step 1 and step 2 to learn the other buttons.

After the infrared learning is completed, the TV box can be controlled directly through the infrared control.

How to delete the IR Learning?

Press ‘Delete’ and ‘Back’ at the same time till the light flashes to reset IR Learning.


1. IR and Bluetooth can’t be used at the same time.

2. Do not use mouse mode in the Google account login interface, otherwise, the “ok” button is not compatible.

3. If no infrared learning, all buttons are Bluetooth mode function accordingly.

4. If no infrared learning, all buttons are 2.4G or Bluetooth mode function accordingly.

5. If the buttons have completed IR learning, only the power button will send the IR signal in priority in 2.4G or Bluetooth mode.

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