The new product BPR1 remote control for android tv box review!

See this video to know how to connect BPR1 to a streaming TV box

You can scan the QR on the back of the remote control and get the instruction.

To connect BPR1 with your TV box:

1.Keep pressing BPR1 “Back” and “OK” at same time, when the indicator in blinking, it means BPR1 is in pending pairing state.

2. Use your original remote control to turn on the Bluetooth in Settings.

3. Confirm connection when TV box searches for BPR1 remote control successfully.

Then you can use BPR1 remote control. It also have IR learning function! In the next article, we will have a detailed IR learning tutorial.

Note: The product is very easy to connect, through the Bluetooth connection (no need for a USB receiver). Once connected once, it does not need to be connected afterward.
No more tedious USB receiver connection! And no need to worry about the problem of lost USB!

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