BPR1S Plus Remote Control includes Voice function & IR Learning & 2.4G Wireless.

It’s easy to operate, you can connect by BLE or 2.4G wireless. We use ABS material, comfortable hand feeling, to ensure your excellent user experience.

3 minutes to understand BPR1S PLUS, see this video:

2.4G Wireless Connection Steps:

1. Press and hold the “OK” and “Back” of BPR1S PLUS Bluetooth remote control at the same time.

2. Insert the USB receiver into the TV box and keep the remote control close to the USB receiver.

3. When the LED indicator of the remote control does not light up, it means it has been successfully connected.

Warning tips:
1. In 2.4G mode, the voice function supports AOSP Android and ATV devices. Some ATV TVs cannot enter when logging into a Google account.
2. If no infrared learning, all buttons are 2.4G or Bluetooth mode function accordingly.
3. If the buttons have completed IR learning, only the power button will send the IR signal in priority in 2.4G or Bluetooth mode.

If you are interested in BPR1S PLUS air mouse with Voice function & IR Learning & 2.4G Wireless.

Please see this online product link: https://apkintvbox.com/product/bpr1-bluetooth-5-0-air-mouse/

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