How do you pick the most cost-effective remote control out of the many available in 2023? Today I’m going to recommend the BPR2S and BPR3S

BPR2S  vs BPR3S are both remote controls that can be connected via Bluetooth and can be applied to Android set-top boxes, TVs, TV sticks, projectors, and other Bluetooth devices. So, what are the main differences between these two Air Mouse that look so similar?


The following are common features found in both remotes:

1.Bluetooth four-button infrared isolation function

After connecting to Bluetooth, there are still four buttons (TV power button, volume up button, volume down button, and back button) that can still use the infrared function. While controlling the box with Bluetooth, you can also control the TV with infrared.

2. 2.4G connection(with USB Receiver) + Bluetooth connection

Unlike ordinary universal remotes with a single connection method, it has multiple connection methods, either via IR connection, 2.4G wireless connection or Bluetooth connection, ensuring faster and easier control of devices.and you can enjoy up to 10 meters of long-range wireless control. full device voice control function

The voice assistant can open software and search functions through voice. Bluetooth voice function only supports ATV devices

4. 6-axis gyroscope

Thanks to the built-in gyroscope sensor, this remote control is much easier to operate in horizontal and vertical modes. Press “OK” + “volume +/-” shortly to control the speed of the mouse.

5. Support full key IR learning

Full key control with all Android TV boxes via IR learning function!

6. Support numeric key buttons

With numeric buttons, it is more convenient to select channels and input numbers.

7.Support OTA

use the Android phone to download and upgrade the APP and firmware – install the APP – set the waiting state of the remote control – open the APP – search – select the remote control – path – select the firmware to upload (you need to download the firmware to the phone first) – write the upgrade Finish

Different characteristics:

BPR2S: No numeric buttons, better hand feeling, if you like simple design, this remote control is highly recommended!

BPR3S: with numeric buttons for quick access to the channels and entering numbers.

When you are going to buy a bluetooth remote control that both can control your android tv box and smart TV, you need to try this one. We are also selling many other air mouse remotes, which may have the backlights, mini keyboard, touchpad, anti-lost, with built-in batteries functions. If you want to learn more, pls leave me comments below, I will contact you in 24 hours.