“xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao… ” 

Recently this Chinese song by Yuqing Fei is quite a hit on Tiktok, I just thought how about install the Tiktok apk on our best X88 King smart tv box?

And X88 King tv box is with best Amlogic S922X chipset, should works perfectly on tv for the Tiktok apk. So today we gonna install the apk by USB first! Check the following steps if you are interested in it.

First, we install the Tiktok apk file on pc with USB first.

Then, connect USB disk with the X88 King tv box.

Next, connect the box with tv by HD cable, DC charger, and click APPS to find the Filebrowser;

And click the USB disk to find the Tiktok apk file to install it.

Now we got the apk successfully, yeah! And we gonna make a video about how it works with viewing videos, so, pls subscribe our YouTube channel to get notifications about newest tv box and iptv apks! 

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