The DVB T2-S2 Combo satellite tv receiver digital box is no network interface, so we need to use USB dongle with DVB t2/s2 tuner to receive wifi signal for internet connection.

First of all, get a USB dongle, and connect it with DVB-T2&S2 box. 

Open tv after connected dvb t2/s2 set top box by HD cable;


Click Internet Center, and choose Internet Configuration;


Then click Config, and wait, you will get wifi signal available in the list.

Choose the wifi you want to connect, input Password, then click Link.

If succeed, you will get message “Network connection success”. Then you can watch DVB combo Cccam and YouTube, Google, or iptv subscription channels directly.


Btw, you can also share your mobile phone internet for DVB T2/S2 internet connection, follow the same steps to connect wifi. Check our YouTube channel for detail operations by video!

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