G10S and BPR1S Plus remote control both are two very popular. Some people will guess what is the difference between the two? Today we will compare these two products.

1. Appearance
The G10s is wide at the head and short in the foot, while the BPR1S Plus is a flat rectangular remote control. The G10s is more in line with the look of a modern smart remote, and the BPR1S Plus looks more like an old-fashioned remote.

2. Sense of Touch
Both remote controls are made of ABS material and feel very comfortable.

3. Price
The current online price of G10s on our website is 19.99, and the price of BPR1S Plus is 11.99. The price of BPR1S Plus is lower. 🛒Below are online product links:



4. Functions
G10s has Voice Search Function, Air mouse & Gyroscope Function, IR Learning Function
BPR1S Plus BLE & IR Learning & Gyroscope & Voice Search Function & 2.4G Wireless.
Basically speaking, the BPR1S Plus has all the functions of the G10s, also the BPR1S Plus has more 2.4G wireless connections than the G10s.

Finally, these 4 tips are the differences between G10S and BPR1S Plus. If you have any query or want to get more details of our new products. Please pay attention to us.

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