Now the H96 Max RK3566 tv box has released new firmware updating to fix some bugs. And its easy to do it with USB directly.

First and most important, reset your USB flash disk to be [FAT mode], then download the h96 max rk3566 tv box new firmware file to USB. (dont do any changes about the file).

Connect tv with h96 max 3566 tv box and turn it on, then connect USB with the tv box, that will identify the firmware file automatically. Click Install to update new firmware for tv box h96 max rk3566. 

After the box reboot and updating firmware, the tv screen will turn black for about 7 minutes, and the box shows BOOT, instead of time. 

When H96 Max RK3566 tv box finished firmware updating, the tv will restart itself, and the box will show time again. Then we can check Setting page about tv box information, the tv box firmware already updates to latest version. 

Note, if the box already shows time after waiting around 7 minutes, but the tv screen still shows black, now we need to cut off the h96 max 3566 tv box and restart by remote. 

After the h96 max rk3566 firmware done updating, we can unconnect the USB from tv box directly.