2021 newest android 11 tv box h96 max RK3566 rockchip android box is packaged with bluetooth remote control, that support mouse mode with Gyros, Voice search and YouTube Shortcuts.

Today, we will show you detail steps about how to connect bluetooth remote with h96 max 3566 box. 

First, click Setting  Remote accessories

Then it will show looking for Bluetooth to connect, and we need to click both the “voice minus button – ” and OK button for 3 seconds.

Note, need to click 2 buttons at the same time, otherwise it may only show voice down like the picture below.

After got remote mac address, then click to Pair directly. 

When Paired the remote with tv box, we can use voice search and mouse mode.

We also take a video for the Bluetooth remote connect to h96 max rk3566 box tutorial on our YouTube channel, and the video also shows how mouse mode with Gyros and Voice search working! 

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