Android TV Box is an awesome invention that works with your TV. You can stream and download videos, watch movies, browse the internet, access social media, play games, and more. But what would you do if you encounter problems like an Android TV box not working properly?
This post will detail how to Solve Android TV Box Not Working

Generally, the most common problem faced by Android TV boxes is the inability to start the.

An adapter or Plug Problems: A dusty adapter may not work properly. A damaged adapter, damaged power switch, or loose connection between the power plug and outlet may also prevent the TV box from booting up.

HDIM cable problem: Check that the HDMI connection jack of the TV box is properly connected and that it is appropriately connected to the TV signal port.

Another of the most common problems encountered with Android TV boxes is: the inability to connect to wifi networks

  • Excessive DNS cache: DNS cache is a location in the Android TV box memory which temporarily stores recently visited data and files, enabling you to load them faster the next time you browse the internet. However, too many DNS cache files can slow down the internet speed. There is a limit to the cache size up to which it can help enhance the internet speed. If the cache data exceeds this size limit, it would consume too much space, decreasing the performance and speed.
  • Cable Issues: Poor connection of cables and improper distance between the WiFi router and the Android TV box
  • Poor internet service: If you are experiencing slow internet, the reason can be the source of your network, i.e., your internet service provider. There could be signal disruption in your area which your internet service provider might not be aware of.
  • Or a defective router
  • The TV box is malfunctioning: the phone can search for many WiFi signals, but the WiFi list is not shown in the WiFi settings of the TV box.

How to Fix Internet Connection?

  • Clear the DNS cache: To clear your DNS cache, you can either go to your local browser and clear all browsing data and cache. Then go to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Storage”, select you’re the app you’re using, and then go to “Storage” > “Clear Cache”.
  • If the problem persists, unplug your Wi-Fi router from all connections and clean its ports and wire. Plug it in and check the internet connectivity. Also, ensure that your LAN cable is working fine and is firmly connected. You should also check the distance of your router from your Android TV box.

Firmware upgrade: this method can solve most of the box failure problems, but different boxes have different upgrade methods
Firmware Upgrade Steps: