How to install HDMI Sync Box With TV Backlight Strip?

Many of our customers bought and received HDMI Sync Box with TV Backlight Strip but don’t know how to install it.

Here are the detailed installation steps. There is also an installation video, if you want to watch it more intuitively, you can watch the video:)

Install TV Backlight Light Kits:

Step 1: Stick adhesive to the bracket

Step 2: Stick the bracket to the back of the TV

A is the end interface             B is the corner

Step 3: Test fit to measure the approximate length

Step 4: Cut to the proper lengthAttention: Cut against the yellow centerline

Step 5: Install the strip light

Step 6: Tear off the adhesive and stick it on the TV

Install HDMI Sync box on tv:

Step 1: Side Strip to Side USB.

Step 2: Bottom Strip to Bottom USB.

Step 3: TV Box HDMI To Input.

Step 4: TV HDMI to Output.

Step 5: TV Box Power on.

Step 6: HDMI Sync Box Power on.

Step 7: Open “Tuya” App.

Step 8: Connect App to the HDMI Sync Box.


Don’t forget to use it to see the effect after installation 🙂