We could use Airplay to steam videos and mirror iphone screen to our tv for bigger screen view. And it doesnt require Apple TV only, we could mirror screen our iphone, ipad to tv, android tv box, and also windows. 

Today, we will show the detail steps to mirror screen iphone to x88 pro 20 android tv box. First of all, we need to install AirReceiverLite app on x88 pro 20 rk3566 tv box. you could find the app by Playstore and install directly, or download the apk file on computer first, then install by USB, like the following pictures.   Click the app and give permissions to the below information:  Then check iphone and click Airplay, will show X88 pro 20 tv box information, and click it. 

Then we will get our phone screen shows on tv, and check phones, videos freely.

One point, we need to confirm our iphone and x88 pro 20 android tv box connect same internet. We can check facebook, skype, whatsapp messages, and also youtube video on tv with Airplay iphone to tv. Whatsmore, when you give full screen on iphone for video playing, you will get full screen video on tv too!