BPIR Universal remote control can control Any device.  Sometimes, the remote will delete the old code and enter the new code.  Do this only if you want to program new device Settings.  Here we are only talking about “how to reset code in universal remote control” programming method.

BPIR remote control

BPIR Universal remote control heavy code programming method:  

Step 1: Remove the old battery pack.  

Step 2: After removing the battery, press all the buttons.  Because the remote will absorb some current from the battery.  Leave your remote on for at least five or six minutes without batteries.  All the battery on the remote will run out.  

Step 3: Press the POWER button to ensure that no signal is ON.  

Step 4: Press a new set of batteries.  Keep in mind that the batteries you place use only “AAA” batteries.  

BPIR remote control

How to setup BPIR universal Remote after reset:

Step 1: Press the “SET” button, release it when the indicator light is on.

Step 2: Press the button that would leam, it starts learning when the indicator light flashes

Step 3: Align the infrared head to another remote that would be learned.

Step 4: Press that be learned button till the light flashes and the light keeps on.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 ~ 4 to learn the other buttons, press the “SET” button to exit.


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