BPIR universal IR Learning remote control

Replace your remote controls with BPIR universal!
This is a completely custom IR learning remote that works in a practical way.
The IR learning remote control will be able to use commands from a variety of remotes, which also helps to reduce clutter and provides a specialized one remote control solution.
The learning process is simple- just take the old remote and set it end to end with the learning remote, hold down a button until the indicator light blinks, which sets it to learning mode.
Then, press the button you would like to learn from the old remote, and the light will flash which gives confirmation the code is now learned.
IR Learning (SET button cannot be learned):
1. Press the “SET” button, release it when the indicator light is on.
2. Press the button that would leam, it starts learning when the indicator light flashes
3. Align the infrared head to another remote that would be learned.
4. Press that be learned button till the light flashes and the light keeps on.
5. Repeat steps 2 ~ 4 to learn the other buttons, press the “SET” button to exit.

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APKintvbox offers a robust catalog of remotes of different types which can be programmed to universally learn any command from any device. We work with a wide range of remote control and receiver solutions which will help you consolidate on the costs of your remote replacement programs and to achieve unified functionality under one remote control solution.

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