As the world’s largest smart TV supplier, Samsung TV has also made outstanding contributions in the field of samrt tv. Not only Samsung TV, LG TV, TCL TV as well.

With the advent of the Android box, many users are now not satisfied with using only smart TVs, and more are buying another Android box to use with the TV. So there will be a very headache:

Controlling a smart TV requires a remote control, and controlling an Android box requires a remote control.

So how can you use only one remote control to be able to control smart TV and Android box at the same time?

BPIR Universal Remote control may help you.

BPIR Universal IR TV Remote Control For Sony/LG/Samsung Smart TV Remote Controller With Learning Function AA59-00602A AA59-00666A

Its appearance is similar to the general infrared remote control, and it is made of ABS plastic material. Feels smooth and comfortable. Generally, the distance that can be controlled without obstacles is within 10m. The most important point is that it has a full-key learning function. You can use this remote control to learn the remote control of your smart TV and the Android box. remote control.

BPIR remote control




– Powerful signal: Linear-infrared sensor is strong. fast and accurate

– Quick response: Infrared reception fast

– Precise control without errors convenient, fast, and quick

– Soft Key Touch: Remote control button switch freely

– Easy to understand at a glance

– Various functions: Super button function You can adjust

– Back description: Remote infrared learning precise remote control


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