You may often see OTT android boxes while watching videos or browsing the web.

Some people may confuse what is OTT and OTA.

In fact, these two have completely different meanings.

OTT: over-the-top content, which refers to the provision of various application services to users through the Internet.

OTT can be referred to as a system for consuming media content through the intermediary of Internet-connected devices and services.

OTT TV boxes consist of devices or devices that use the internet infrastructure to access media content, effectively bypassing satellite, cable, and broadcast network providers.

At present, such services are provided by third parties other than operators, and many service providers directly provide services and billing to users, making operators a mere “transmission channel”.

The OTT box connects to the TV via wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi and connects to the internet.

Once all connections are established, the app can be downloaded.

The signal for OTT content is transmitted over the Internet or via a Wi-Fi connection. Access is regulated by a digital distributor via an app or a separate OTT box and connected to a smartphone, PC, or TV.
Combining them with an IPTV system is the best way to stream live TV, movies and TV shows using an OTT TV box.

They act as content distributors and offer monthly subscriptions, which give you more content than any cable service.

OTA (Over-the-Air Technology): it refers to the function of the box to upgrade the system version online.
Some boxes do not support the OTA function and cannot upgrade the system version online, so a manual upgrade is required.

The general ATV box supports the OTA function. After purchasing an ATV box, there is no need to manually update it. The box will automatically pop up with an update message. Just click update to upgrade the system version online.

That is, OTT refers to a kind of box, while OTA refers to the functionality inside the box.
The OTT Android box that everyone often sees on the Internet is a box where you can download third-party APPs.

Which OTT boxes support OTA? Which boxes do not support OTA?

Boxes that do not support OTA, such as M96/ M96 Color/ MX1/ M96 Mini, etc.

Boxes that support OTA, such as X88 PRO 20/ X88 PRO X3/ X96 X4/ X96 Max+/ X96 MINI/ X96 X6/ T95 Plus etc.

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