2200W PC Power supply for Bitcoin Miner ATX 2200W PICO PSU Ethereum 2200W ATX Power Supply Bitcoin 12V V2.31 ETH Coin Mining


Single voltage: The power supply is 1600W/1800W/2000W/2200W conversion efficiency of 90+
Full Voltage: The power supply is 1600W/1800W/2000W conversion efficiency of 90+
Support graphics card 8, video card 6+2pin 16
Gold medal stability is strong
Gifts: power line 1:1 distribution
Voltage :     110V-240V(Full Voltage) /180V-264V(Single voltage)   50Hz      10A
DC OUTPUT:  12V—150A   MAX
Single Voltage power in : 1600W/1800W/2000W/2200W  MAX
Full Voltage power in :  1600W/1800W/2000W  MAX

Name:Mine Chassis Power Supply
voltage : 110V-240V(Full Voltage) /180V-264V(Single voltage)
PFC Type:active PFC
Single Voltage power: max power 1600W/1800W/2000W/2200W
Full Voltage power: max power 1600W/1800W/2000W
Appropriate Type: server MINING machine

-Ensure the stability of the power supply,Product output power is rated at 1600W/1800W/2000W/2200W(2200W is only available with single voltage).
-Packaging thickness of 2CM of cotton, effectively reduce the logistics process damage!
-Product material is strong, durable, to prevent wear.
-18 AWG copper output line, the output interface is rich.
Output Interface:
20+4P  *1 piece
CPU 4+4P * 1 piece
6+2P * 16 pieces

Package Included:
1 x Power Supply
1x power cable


– The smallest axis area, the largest fan area, with a special curved frame, to complete the best air circulation cooling system.
– Conversion rates up to 90%, more energy-efficient! More environmentally friendly!
– High reliability.
– Highly stable output voltage, better protects the product.
– This is a professional power supply for mining.
– The rated power is 2200w, and the maximum power is 2400w.
– Support 8 graphics cards
– Each power supply has to pass a strict aging test before they go out.
– Suitable for minning machines and servers.