TV Antenna High Gain HD TV 4K 25DB DTV Box Digital TV Antenna 50 Miles Indoor Digital HDTV antenna DVB-T2 ISDBT ATSC TV Antenna


1. Working Frequency : VHF(172-240Mhz) \ UHF(470-860Mhz)

2. VSWR : ≤1.5

3. Impedence : 75 Ω

4. LNA Gain : 25dBi

5. Reception Range: 50 miles

6. Size:218*35*0.6mm


8. Cable : 1.5C-2V / Black L=4M

9. Connectors : TV Male

10. Polarization: Linear

11. Operation Temperature : -45 ~ 85℃

12. Storage Temperature : -45 ~ 85℃

13.Compatible with 720P 1080i 1080p/ ATSC

Set up guide:

step 1:connect the end(f-male)of attached coaxial cable to the ANT/IN connector on the back of the TV or DVB-Ttuner.

step 2:In the TV/’s setup menu,set the tuner mode to ”Antenna”or”Air”.for more detailed instructions,please refer to your TVmanual.

atep 3:In the Tv/’s setup menu,set TV to ”scan”for channels.this can sometimes be listed as auto-program,auto-scan,channel search or channel scan.consult the tv manual for detailed instructions.

step 4:if reception is sporadic,try moving the antenua to another location and rescanning the tv until optimal position is found.

step 5:fix the antenua at the optimal position you found.