BPR1 Series Bluetooth 5.0 Air Mouse


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BPR1 Remote Control:

BLE & IR Learning Function

BPR1S Remote Control:

BLE & IR Learning & Gyroscope & Voice Search Function

BPR1S Plus Remote Control:

Plus with 2.4G Wireless



BPR1 Series Air Mouse BPR1 BPR1S BPR1S PLUS Remote Control Bluetooth 5.0 Air Mouse 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard


  • Bluetooth Pairing
1. To pair another new device, press “OK” and “Volume -” at the same time.
2. Keep the remote control within 1 meter of the device for faster pairing.
3. Open Bluetooth searching, pair with “BOXPUT”.
  • IR Learning
1. Press the “OFF/ON” button for 5 seconds and release it after the light is always on.
2. Align the infrared head from the remote control to another that would be learned.
3. Repeat pressing that be learned button till the light flashing.
4. Press “OK” and “Delete” at the same time till the light flashes to reset IR.
  • 2.4G Pairing

1. Keep pressing the “OK” and “Back” at the same time till the light flashing.
2. Plug in the USB receiver and keep the remote near to the USB receiver within 5 cm for faster pairing.
3. The indicator light stops flashing to indicate successful pairing.




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3 reviews for BPR1 Series Bluetooth 5.0 Air Mouse

    Faris Alsolami
    Hi there. The remote came in 17 days to the protein, the smell was attached to the box, well, in general, all the hood. Only after reading the description, was able to connect to Mi Box. So far, everything works. Track tracking, with the seller did not communicate. In general, pribluda is worth his money, I advise...
    전자책에서도 잘 작동하고, 아이패드에서도 휼륭하게 작동된다. 하지만 두기기 동시 페어링은 불가능하다. 번갈아 사용시 그때그때 페어링해야하는 단점. 그래서 난 이걸 하나 더 주문할까한다. ㅎㅎ 가격대비 정말 좋은 제품인듯하다. 누를때 딸깍 소리는 나지만 거슬리지않다.
    Good quality product and voice works on nvidia shield , great price
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