BPR3S Series Air Mouse Remote Control


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1. 4 in 1 air remote control mouse: 2.4G AIR mouse + wireless Bluetooth +Four-buttons infrared isolation+ Infrared remote control learning

2. The voice assistant can open software and search functions through voice. Bluetooth voice function only supports ATV devices

3. 6-Axis Gyroscope:  Press “OK” + “volume +/-” shortly to control the speed of the mouse.

4. The four buttons in Bluetooth mode are adapted to Samsung smart TV by default

5. Support OTA  upgrade

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BOXPUT Bt Remote Control TV BPR3S 6 Axis Gyroscope TV Four Buttons Infrared Isolation IR Learning Remote OTA Voice Control Air Mouse

Model Number BPR3S
Transmission method BT+IR
Distance >10m
Net weight 40g
Product Material Plastic
Color Black
Product Sze 138mm*38mm
Product Category BT Air Mouse
Battery Type AAA*2
Voice remote control YES
Gyroscope YES
Backlight NO


Four-Buttons Infrared Isolation Function

Difference Between BPR3S And BPR3S PLUS

How To OTA Upgrade The Firmware Of The Bluetooth Remote Control


Q1: What is the Bluetooth four-button infrared isolation function?
A: After connecting to Bluetooth, there are still four buttons (TV power button, volume up button, volume down button, and back button) that can still use the infrared function. While controlling the box with Bluetooth, you can also control the TV with infrared.

Q2: Does the remote control support OTA?
A: Yes, use the Android phone to download and upgrade the APP and firmware – install the APP – set the waiting state of the remote control – open the APP – search – select the remote control – path – select the firmware to upload (you need to download the firmware to the phone first) – write the upgrade Finish

Q3: When do I need to upgrade the remote control?
A: When the remote control has a bug, it can be solved by upgrading the remote control

Q4: How many connection methods does this remote control support?
A: BPR3S supports Bluetooth connection, and full-key infrared connection to the Android box, BPR3S PLUS also adds a 2.4G wireless connection

Q5: Do all buttons work with all Smart TVs?
A: At present, the four buttons support most smart TVs such as Samsung TV and TCL, and all buttons only support Android box infrared learning!

Q6: In addition to controlling Samsung devices, what other devices can the four buttons in Bluetooth mode control?
A: Except for Samsung devices, other devices need infrared learning to use the four-button isolation function

Q7: Will the heating of the box affect the Bluetooth connection of the remote control?
A: No, the heating of the box will not affect the Bluetooth connection. The main reason for heating is that the box has been on standby for too long. You can try to use a small cooling fan to solve the heating problem of the box

Q8: Is it suitable for tv stick?
A: Yes, as long as the TV device with Bluetooth connection function can be used


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3 reviews for BPR3S Series Air Mouse Remote Control

    Once in Bluetooth mode, just point it at my Samsung TV! No programming or anything. Overall great product!
    Fantastic remote! Can control multiple devices at the same time!
    The goods arrived quickly and were used with the tv box.it is a very convenient remote control-air mouse. It feels very comfortable in my hand, the quality is very good, and I am very satisfied
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