Light Sabers RGB 10 Colors Changeable Sound Effects


Smooth Swing Light Saber: Smooth Swing technology giving you fast and heavy dueling experience, it looks stunning while swinging in the dark. 

Metal Hilt Light Sabers For Heavy Dueling: The hilt of the saber is very well made of metal aluminum, fully consider the gravity effect of light saber and comfortable grip due to nice polished.

Realistic Light Effect: 10 color options to choose from and switch on the go.

Usage Scenarios: Premium Fashionable Light Saber for Parties, Outdoor Sports, Family Entertainment, Outdoor camping, great for practicing dueling and casual play. 

1 piece2 pcs
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FlashingBlinkyLights Double Sided Swords Sabers with 10 Colors LEDs & Sounds


Two-in-one lightsaber light with sound effects (10 colors on one sword)

Gift for children (boys/girls), two-in-one lightsaber light

Switch: short press to start, long press for 3 seconds to close.

Switching light mode: after turning on, short press to switch the light effect, then cycle.


Charging method: USB charging

Charging time: 2-4 hours

Light color: yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, light blue, blue-green, green, white

One package includes

Lightsaber light * 1 / USB charging cable * 1 / packaging bag * 1 / manual * 1

Two packages include

Handle * 2 / sword body * 2 / charging cable * 1 / bag * 1 / manual * 1


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