New RGBIC Music Backlight Sound Control Smart Night Light Bars Works with Bluetooth LED Lights for PC Gaming TV Decoration Lamp

The music atmosphere light uses an aluminum alloy one-time molding shell, with 32 or 40 colorful LEDs inside, with a special MIC for music and a 32-bit processor. Realize the dynamic expression of music and the human voice.

Two versions, one comes with a built-in battery that can be used when fully charged by a USB cable.(32/40 LEDs + Built-in Battery + USB Cable)

The other requires a USB cable to be connected at all times.(32/40 LEDs + USB Cable)


1. Built-in AGC feature
2. At least 8 display modes
3. 18 color modes adjustable
4. 32 or 40 colorful WS2812 beads
5. Plug and play by Micro USB cable
6. Intelligent noise reduction algorithm
7. 4 levels of brightness, 5 levels of speed
8. Built-in highly sensitive microphone (voice control)
9. Multiple display styles, support gradient lighting mode
10. By picking up your ambient sound to sync the spectrum effect
11. Colorful lights groups, peak light colors, dynamic response animation


1.  Input voltage: >DC 5V 1A
2. Output: 5W
3. Frequency response: 100-16KHZ
4. Dimensions—181*16*18.5mm(32 LEDs),225*16*18mm(40 LEDs)
5. Shell material: aluminum alloy
6. Software support: AGC; Intelligent noise cancellation; firmware update

32 LEDs Dimensions: Dimensions (length, width and height): 181*16*18.5mm, net weight 85 grams
With the packaging of 200 grams, with USB cable 50CM

40 LEDs Dimensions: Dimensions (length, width, and height): 225*16*18mm, net weight 105 grams
With packaging 227g USB cable length 50CM

Optical Characteristics(wavelength):

RED: 620-625nm
GREEN: 520-525nm
BLUE: 460-470NM

Optical Characteristics(brightness):

RED: 450-550mcd
GREEN: 1300-1500mcd
BLUE: 350-400mcd


MODE/SPEED: Short press——Mode selection; Long press——5 level speed options
COLOR/BRIGHT: Short press——Color selection; Long press——4 level brightness options
Long Press two keys simultaneously: —— Learn and record the environmental noise spectrum. This part of the sound will be filtered during the actual display.
Optional dedicated base: TYPE-C power input, touch control switch


1. Do not connect the Power input OVER 5V, otherwise, the board may be damaged
2. Do not immerse in water, or use under the condition of humidity higher than 90%
3. Do not use any solvents or liquids to wipe the screen except absolute alcohol
4. Do not disassemble by yourself. Product failures caused by non-quality problems are not covered by the warranty
5. Do not use for children younger than 6 years old
6. After the function changes without notice

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