TV PC Screen Sync Backlight Lamp BPSK2


◇Length:79/118/157/197 inch optional
◇LED quantity: 60LEDs/meter optional
◇Support: PC/Some Android TV Boxes/Some Android TVs
◇Input voltage: 5V
AU PlugEU PlugUK PlugUS Plug
Under 118 inchUnder 157 inchUnder 197 inchUnder 79 inch


For PC Computer Android TV Android TV Box Sync with Screen Backlight Ambient Strips with WS2812B SK6812 RGB LEDs Background Lighting

before you buy: This product is only suitable for use on the computer / part of the Android TV box / part of the Android TV,(do not support to work FOR LG or Samsung TV,because they are not Android system TV.  ) if you do not know whether your model is suitable for the product, please contact me before you buy! If you don’t know how to operate the product after you receive it, or if you have questions after receiving the product, please contact customer service.

Controller can be sold separately! (Only the controller, does not contain other things) If you buy a separate controller friends, buy must be equipped with 5V/6A power supply (the use of other will be burned)

1.This is a full-color WS2812B SK6812 RGB pixel strip with Ambient control. only control WS2812B SK6812 RGB pixel strip, can not control normal RGB strip.
2.You need to install the software on the TV/computer, after installing the software, you need to set the software (shown as the picture), and only the power of the DC5V power supply can be satisfied. Let the light bar work properly.
3.Set the pixels in the software according to the number of WS2812B lamp beads, or directly set 300 pixels in the software. . The maximum control pixel of the controller is 300 lightsProduct Description:
1.This adds ambient backlight effects to TV/Computer or laptop compliment on-screen video content.
2.AnAmbient Lightkit dynamically adjusts elements such as color and brightness to create a more immersive multimedia experience.Features:
-Color balance setting for each LED strip separately.
-Individual adjustable capture area for each LED strip
-Overall average color for all areas calculation mode
-Permanent backlight (lamp) mode
-Capture from video
-Capture from games (GDI, DirectX 10/11)Ambibox download: official website, view settings and downloadAmbilight – amazing USB backlight system for your displays, working with your TV/PC to watch movies, play games or daily working.Package Included:
LED Strip+LED Controller Box+USB Cable+DC Connector +Plug


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