Newest Q6 remote control for tv supports 2.4G wireless air mouse connection, and also IR function, with unique shape design for best user experience. 
Today, we will show the detali steps about Q6 voice remote control IR learning function to replace T95 plus RK3566 tv box remote. 

First step: Press and hold the centen button “2.4G RF/ IR Learn” for 3 seconds to enter the Infrare learning mode, the remote control red indicator light changes from long on to fast flashing.

Then, take out T95plus android 11 tv box remote control as example to learn. Close the top of Q6 remote control and T95 plus android box remote control. First, press the power button of T95plus tv box remote control, when its indicator light becomes long on, then press Q6 remote power button to learning tv box T95 plus remote control successfully. 
Third step: when the indicator light is fast flashing, you can learn other buttons. If there is no operation within a few seconds, the indicator light goes out, means that already exited the infrared learning mode. 
And now, you can use Q6 air mouse remote to control T95 plus rk3566 android box by Infrare mode directly, like Power on/off the tv box, Google voice search function.