Android TV sticks have become immensely popular for their ability to transform any television into a smart entertainment powerhouse. However, users often encounter the frustrating problem of auto restarts, which can disrupt the viewing experience. One common cause of this issue is an unstable connection between the TV stick and the TV itself. In this blog post, we will explore a simple yet effective solution to tackle the Android TV Stick auto restart problem by utilizing the TV Stick’s power plug.

  1. Assess the Connection Issue:

Before proceeding with the solution, it’s essential to determine if the auto restart problem is indeed caused by an unstable connection. Look for any loose or improperly connected cables between the TV stick and the TV. Ensure that all the connections are secure and snug.

  1. Utilize the TV Stick’s Power Plug:

One often overlooked aspect of stabilizing the connection between the TV stick and the TV is the power plug that comes with the device. Instead of relying solely on the USB port on the TV to power the TV stick, try using the dedicated power plug provided. This ensures a more stable power supply and can help eliminate any power-related issues that may be causing the auto restarts.

  1. Connect the TV Stick to a Stable Power Source:

In addition to using the power plug, it’s important to connect the TV stick to a stable power source. Avoid using power strips or extension cords that may introduce fluctuations or inadequate power supply. Plug the TV stick’s power adapter directly into a wall outlet or a reliable power strip to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted power flow.

  1. Check the HDMI Connection:

The HDMI connection between the TV stick and the TV can also affect stability. Ensure that the HDMI cable is securely plugged into both the TV stick and an available HDMI port on the TV. Consider using a high-quality HDMI cable for better signal transmission and stability.

  1. Test Different HDMI Ports:

In some cases, a specific HDMI port on the TV may be causing the auto restarts. Try connecting the TV stick to a different HDMI port on the TV to see if the issue persists. This can help identify if the problem lies with a particular port rather than the TV stick itself.

  1. Seek Professional Assistance:

If the auto restart problem persists even after trying the above solutions, it may be beneficial to seek assistance from the manufacturer’s customer support or a professional technician. They can provide further guidance and troubleshooting steps specific to your TV stick model and TV setup.


Resolving the Android TV Stick auto restart problem caused by an unstable connection between the TV stick and the TV is crucial to enjoying uninterrupted streaming. By utilizing the TV stick’s power plug, connecting to a stable power source, ensuring a secure HDMI connection, and testing different HDMI ports, you can significantly reduce the chances of auto restarts. If needed, don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer’s support team or seek professional assistance for further troubleshooting. Enjoy a seamless streaming experience with your Android TV stick by stabilizing the connection with your TV.