Q: Why it shows not support this app when click channels on Starzplay app?

For Android tv box , Starzplay app supports devices which has google play store version ending with ”xhdpi”.

Q: What devices supports this app?

  • STARZ PLAY is supported by the majority of iOS and Android devices.
  • We are also available on Apple TV 4th Generation.
  • SMART TV: It is supported by Samsung SMART TV’s running on Tizen-Orsay. Usually 2016 models.
  • LG smart TV running on WebOS2.0, WebOS3.0 and above.
  • For Playstation: It is support by PS4 only.
  • Android TV’s with Play Store Version (11.7.11-xhdpi and above)
  • From STARZ PLAY website using the PC.
  • Chromcast

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