StrideBox:What should be prepared before purchasing?

Do I need to prepare a special TV?

StrideBox can work on LCD TVs, conventional TVs, or even computer monitors (with an HDMI port).

*Note: When using a conventional TV, it is necessary to prepare a designated AV cable (please contact us). May not support a very few conventional TVs due to compatibility.

Do I need to prepare additional cables?

A standard HDMI cable is enclosed in the package. We do not, however, provide a TV supporting HDMI. Please contact us to check first when necessary.

What is the internet speed requirement?

Recommended internet speed is at least 20 – 30 Mbps.

Is it necessary to prepare Wi-Fi?

In addition to Wi-Fi, TV box also supports Ethernet.

Do I need to register an account?

We strongly recommend you to register an account to be members. With an OVO account, you can easily manage the TV box and enjoy video subscription services. Moreover, advanced services such as playlist edit are only available to members. Without the membership, you can only use basic functions.

If I want to view on two TVs simultaneously, how many TV boxes do I need to prepare?

You will need two TV boxes. One TV box can only be used on one TV.

Do I need to pay a monthly charge?

No additional charge required. We provide hundreds of foreign and local streaming video channels for free (available channels are subject to change due to copyright regulations; please refer to the latest announcement).

* [About Free Channels] This product is a player organizes and connects streaming videos and applies streaming video API service terms and conditions. Content is played through the officially provided API embedded player and the user can directly open the website to browse and view via the connection between the app and websites. All content is provided by a third party. With respect to the copyright of providers, we are not liable for any censorship or modification, nor do we bear any responsibility of infringement or compensation to the authenticity or accuracy of connected content.

Do I need to pay a service fee, setup fee, or account fee?

No. No service fee, setup fee, or account fee is required.

Do I need to pay for videos?

It depends on the content each app provides. For example, if you want to watch Netflix, then need to subscribe its account.

Pls learn about those information about the StrideBox first if you are interested in it. And feel free to contact us for detail free channels availbale!

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