StrideBox Troubleshoting Q&A 1.4

What should I do when storage is insufficient?

Certain applications run auto access and accumulate cache files and this will result in download failure of applications or system updates because of occupied space. The following steps will help you solve this issue:

1. Delete folders on the local disk: Homepage > My Apps > Explorer > Local Disk > Use the “Select” mode and “Edit” mode to delete related folders (e.g.: download folder and qianxun folder).
2. Restore default settings: Homepage > Settings > About TV Box > Restore Default Settings.

What Should I do When the System Crashes?

Try to reset the TV box to solve this issue by any of the following methods:
* Attention! All applications and files installed in the disk will be deleted after reset. It is necessary to reset the internet, digital TV, and account.

【TV Box Interface】 How to set: Go to Settings → About TV Box → Restore Default Settings.
【Composite Key on Remote Control】
1. Reconnect the power cable of the TV box.
2. Wait for 3 minutes after the power indicator lights up, aim the remote control at the TV box, and press “thumb-up”, “1”, “6”, “8” and “thumb-up” in order to reset the TV box.
* When using the composite key, the pause between each press should not be too long.
3. Then the screen will show the system is deleting data and reboot to enter initial settings

【Reset Button on the TV Box】
1. Check if the power indicator at the front of the TV box is ON (either the red or white indicator is ok).
2. Prepare a thin needle to long-press the “Reset” button at the bottom of the TV box for about 3 seconds and release.

What Should I do When the System Lags Seriously?

If a lag occurs during the switching and operation of the TV box instead of on certain applications, please follow the steps below to solve:

1. Please go to General Settings in Settings and confirm if the setting of “Allow Third-party Applications to Automatically Activate When Turning On” has been changed? This setting should be fixed at “Don’t Allow”.
2. Check internet speed: Use speedtest in the application store to the check speed. It is recommended to run three tests. A speed of 20-30 Mbps or above can ensure a smooth viewing experience.
3. Clear memory: After using for a period of time, the memory of TV box will become inconsistent because of using different apps and this will affect the system or playing performance. Long-press the “Menu” button on the remote control to clear the memory.

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