T95 tv box android 10 firmware has updated new version 2021,  if you have problem with it, for example, t95 android box no sound,  or t95 android box freezing, try to update t95 smart tv box firmware first.

t95 firmware update

We need to do firmware update on computer for t95 android 10 tv box, and prepare a USB cable, a timble. First of all, to download the new version t95 android box firmware file and Firmware Update Tool on computer.

t95 tv box firmware update

Then open the firmware update tool,  click Firmware to add t95 h616 firmware file.

t95 android box firmware update

Now connect the USB cable with t95 android box and computer, at the same time click t95 tv box reset port by the timble. Can loose the timble when the firmware update tool got t95 android box connected.

t95 allwinner h616 firmware update, t95 6k

t95 firmware update

After the firmware update tool(PhoeninxSuit) identified t95 smart tv box, click Yes to start t95 6K tv box firmware update. T95 firmware update process will be done within 4 minutes.

t95 android box firmware update tool

t95 android box firmware update tool

When done t95 firmware update, will get message: Fimrware Upload Successful, like the picture below. click OK, and could remove USB cable from t95 allwinner h616 tv box.

t95 firmware update tool

Now we could connect t95 smart tv box and check its firmware version on tv.

t95 smart tv box home page

t95 android tv box set up

smart tv box t95 firmware update tool

Android tv box t95 firmware download link:-T95 tv box no bluetooth Firmware https://drive.google.com/file/d/17JOqIL7agbPBJ4DIYXQ-yLbs_tqaQ5rU/view?usp=sharing

-T95 android box with bluetooth Firmware

Android box firmware update tool:

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