Many boxes will display 2.4G wifi or 2.4G/5G wifi.

Do you know what these mean?

Wi-Fi frequency band: The most essential difference between 2.4G Wi-Fi and 5G Wi-Fi is that the operating frequency bands are different, as shown in the table below. 

5G Wi-Fi bands have higher frequencies and bandwidths, which can provide higher rates and less channel interference.

Wi-Fi channel:

2.4G Wi-Fi channel
The WLAN standard protocol divides the 2.4GHz band into 13 overlapping channels, each with a bandwidth of 20MHz (802.11g and 802.11n each occupy 20MHz and 802.11b each occupy 22MHz), and each channel has its own center frequency.

5G Wi-Fi Channels
The WLAN standard protocol divides the 5GHz band into 24 channels of 20MHz width, and each channel is an independent channel. This provides a rich channel resource for WLAN, and more independent channels also make channel bonding more valuable.

Channel bonding is the use of two channels bound into one channel, which can provide more bandwidth.

For example, two independent channels of 20 MHz can be bound together to obtain 40 MHz of throughput, which is like combining two roads into one, which naturally improves the passing capacity of the road.

Wall penetration ability:

5G Wi-Fi is weaker than 2.4G Wi-Fi wall penetration ability, which is determined by the physical properties of electromagnetic waves: the longer the wavelength the less attenuation, but also easier to bypass obstacles to continue propagation. 

The 5G signal has a high frequency and short wavelength, while the 2.4G signal has a low frequency and long wavelength, so the 5G signal attenuates more when it passes through obstacles, and its ability to penetrate walls is weaker than the 2.4G signal.

After you know what is dual-band wifi and single-band wifi, you should be able to know what it means on an Android box.

Some boxes only support single-band wifi(2.4G wifi), which means the box can only connect to a 2.4G wifi network.

The boxes that support dual-band wifi(2.4G/5G wifi) can link to 2.4G wifi networks as well as 5G wifi networks.

If you have 5G wifi at home, it is recommended that you buy a dual-band wifi box.

Single-band wifi boxes are T95, MX1-SE, etc.

Dual-band wifi boxes are M96 Color, H96 Max, X88 PRO 20, X96 X6, etc.

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