X88 pro 10 android tv box is an excellent android tv box, it is also very popular when it is released. It is an Android 10 Tv Box X88 PRO 10 RK3318 Smart TV Box 4K 1080P Dual Wifi 2.4G 5G Bluetooth 4.0 Google Store Support Netflix Youtube Set-Top X88 Pro 10 Android tv box.

The remote control of this box is an IR infrared remote control. But for the current Android box, the BPR1S Plus remote control may be more suitable for you.

Among our new remotes, the BPR1S Plus is the most suitable for the X88 Pro 10. Here are some comparisons:


1. Shape and material

The original remote control of X88 Pro 10 and BPR1S Plus are made of plastic material, but the BPR1S Plus feels lighter and the overall shape is designed to be ergonomic and more comfortable to handle.

2. Control the direction

The original remote control of X88 Pro 10 must be facing the box to control it, and the box cannot be controlled by pointing in other directions. This point is believed to be a very headache for many users, especially when you are lying on the sofa and you need to twist your body hard to make your remote control align with the box. If the box is blocked by the receiver for some reason at this time, you have to get up and straighten the box.

This problem can be avoided by using the BPR1S Plus, which not only has a Bluetooth connection mode, but also a USB connection mode. In the case of these two modes, you can fiddle with the box and remote control at will, and the command box in any direction can respond at the first time.

3. Obscure objects

This may be a common problem with all infrared remote controls, once there is an obstruction between the box and the remote control. The box cannot receive instructions in time, just because infrared rays cannot penetrate objects. The BPR1S Plus air mouse can be connected directly using Bluetooth or USB. There will be no such trouble.

4. Gyroscope function

Although these two remote controls have mouse functions, the mouse function of the original stone remote control of X88 Pro 10 can only be used to move the mouse slowly through the up, down, left and right keys, which is very tasteless to use.

The BPR1S Plus air mouse has a gyroscope function that allows the mouse to move as you shake it from side to side using the remote. Very flexible.

5. Voice function

The original remote control of X88 Pro 10 does not have this function. Many users who use ATV boxes will feel uncomfortable after using AOSP boxes because of the lack of voice function. But BPR1S Plus air mouse can make up for this shortcoming. Let you not only have the free customization function of the AOSP box, for those who want to customize their system and put this hardware at the center of their personal media library.  It is also possible to use the voice control function of the ATV box.


Where to buy it?

If you don’t have the X88 Pro 10 Android box, you can directly click the first link below to purchase the combination product. If you already have the X88 Pro 10 Android box, but want to buy another remote control, you can click the second link below. Link to buy the remote directly.


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