What is the use of an android tv box?

Many people, especially customers who have bought Samsung TVs, don’t understand what is the use of android tv boxes?

Some people also want to know what exactly is an android tv box? What is the difference between it and traditional TV?

The Android TV Box integrates the traditional TV box with the Android system launched by Google, and connects to the Internet to make the TV a smart phone and tablet computer. 

It combines the Internet and TV to enter the entertainment of a new home. system. Users can install and uninstall applications such as software and games by themselves to realize “unlimited content and unlimited applications”. 

The content and applications that cannot be loaded can not be controlled by consumers according to their own preferences.

1. The traditional TV cannot be connected to the Internet, but the Android box can be connected to the network cable or wifi, which means you can watch Youtube or Tiktok on your TV!

2. The Android box allows you to download and run more Android applications through the Internet, while traditional TVs cannot install the applications you want because they cannot connect to the Internet.

3. The Android box allows you to watch pictures/videos/music files of various specifications.

4. The Android box can be connected to the HDMI high-definition cable to watch 4K or 8K TV!

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