With the advancement of technology in recent years, more and more android tv boxes are sold to more and more regions.

Android tv box is also divided into ATV boxes and AOSP boxes. So do you know the difference between ATV boxes and AOSP boxes?

ATV box: Google certified box
AOSP: Android Open-Source box

1. ATV boxes are Google certified boxes, each box has its own number. 
Each AOSP box has its own mac number.

2. Different systems: Although the ATV box and AOSP box are both Android systems, the systems are still different. 
For example, the ATV box is equivalent to a customized version of the AOSP box. 
The AOSP box is the Android Open-Source Project, which can customize its own interface and functions (if you want to customize your own box, you can also contact me).
The ATV box has a fixed interface and functions and cannot be customized.

3. Different versions: The version of the ATV box is generally 7.1 or 9.0, the version is relatively old. 

The AOSP box version is updated faster, and the latest version in 2021 is Android 11.0.

4. Different configurations: Most ATV boxes like Amazon TV sticks and Roku TV sticks are 1G/8G or 2G/16G.

AOSP boxes have more memory choices such as  2G/16G,  4G/32G,  4G/64G,  4G/128G,  8G/128G, etc.

5. Different operations: ATV boxes can generally only download software in the APP store, and many applications cannot be downloaded without certification. The AOSP box is open source, it can download more software. 

But the software downloaded by the ATV box can be updated automatically, and the software downloaded by the AOSP box needs to be updated manually.

6. Another point that many people may not know is that Netflix on the ATV box is 4K, and although Netflix can be downloaded in the AOSP box, it does not support 4K resolution.

The market is determined by demand, and everyone’s needs are different, which is why there are ATV and AOSP boxes.

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