Many customers using their android tv box for one or two year and found that it suddenly not wroking, do you know what’s the reason?

Toay we will analyze several situations of the box cannot be used and the solutions of these situations.

1. The box can’t open (black screen):

First you need to check whether your android tv box’s signal light is on.

If the light is not open is maybe two reasons: The first reason is that the android tv box power supply is broken, you need to change the same power supply with same oltage and plug, then try to use and see if your android tv box’s single light will turm on. The second reason maybe that the motherboard of your android tv box is broken, at this time if you close your box and can smell the burnt from your box, that’s means your box’s motherboard is broken, please contact your seller and send the box to the factory to repair.

Second, if the signal light of your android tv box can be turned on, but after is turn on red and then won’t turn on blue light.

This means your box is broken, please contact your seller to deal with it.

Thrid, if the signal light of your box turns on red first and then turns on blue light normally, but the box still cannot open (black screen).

You need to check if the HD cable is well connected, please plug off the HD cable and then plug on the box or change another HD cable. If the HD cable has no peoblem, check the signal source of the TV, and try switching different signal sources. For example, you may have used the HD signal source originally, switch to the AV signal source to see if there is a response.

If you checked and be sure that the HD cable and signal has no problem, that’s means your android tv box is broken, please contact your seller to solve.


2. The box has been started, but it is stuck on the boot interface.

This problem is generally caused by two reasons:

First: Too much software installed on the box caused insufficient memory, the box to run stuttered. You need to check your box’s memory and clear the memory of it.

Second: There is a problem with system of the box, thus it cannot be started. You can try turning off the power and then restarting it, if it still doesn’t work, it means the box is damaged.

3.The box is stuck in the process of running

First check the box memory, if your box has a small memory and you have installed a lot of software, it will cause caton happens. Your android tv box keeps buffering and loaded when use it.

If you check that there is no problem with the memory of your box, it may be a problem with the system of the box, please contact your seller to deal with it.


These are some common problems with Android boxes, now do you know how to solve them? If you have other questions please contact me: