X88 Pro 10 android box now has released android 11 system version, follow the steps below to update, and then you will new UI and more APPs.

When you connect the x88 pro 10 tv box and turn on tv, you will get system update note on the screen, click DOWNLOAD.

Then just wait the progress bar goes to 100% and finish system update automatically.

The X88 Pro 10 tv box will restart over after done system update.

And now we get x88 pro 10 tv box new UI with android 11 OS version. It supports Family Cloud that you could upload family’s pictures to the box and use as wallpaper.

Here we can check x88 pro 10 android box parameters first. Click SettingsDevice Preferences, and click About

We will find that the x88 pro 10 tv box now already updated to android 11 OS version. 

You could update the system first, and check apps working spercifications. Feel free to contact with us if any problem about X88 Pro 10 Android 11 tv box.