X96X4  VS  X96 MAX+  which one is better?

X96X4 and X96MAX+ are both popular Android boxes this year, so which one is better compared to the two?

In fact, these two have many similarities and differences, such as:

1)X96 MAX+ is Android 9.0 version, which is older than X96 X4, but version 9.0 is relatively stable and compatible with almost all software on the market.

2)X96 MAX+ can support 1000M network, X96 X4 only supports 100M network, so X96 MAX+ can provide a higher speed network experience.

3)Both X96 X4 and X96 MAX+ run with 4 cores, and they are both very fast.

4)X96 X4 and X96 MAX+ both support 8K decoding, provide more high-definition pictures, and bring you an absolute visual experience!

Both boxes are good, choose the one that suits you according to your needs.

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